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Where is the best place to have a beach wedding?

When thinking about elegance and style for a wedding, many people would agree that formal fashion and having your feet in the sand are tough to mix. But that is not the story of a destination wedding in Tulum, Mexico. By your first visit, you'll instantly fall in love with the calming energy, delicious food, hospitable locals and the natural beauty which makes Tulum a unique Caribbean destination for tying the knot.

Beach Wedding Location

Beach Wedding Destination Tips

Everyone wants their wedding to have a sense of adventure and mystique. It should be a memorable occasion with amazing pictures to look back at for years to come. Needless to say, it’s not all about the bride and groom, the experience of wedding guests makes all the difference in terms of making the atmosphere an amazing one. You’ve probably ravaged through the internet looking for beach wedding destinations, small and intimate places that will appease your desire for a wanderlust wedding. In your search, you may or may not have come across this hidden treasure down in Mexico. Well, welcome to Tulum.

Tulum is the perfect wedding destination. Imagine exchanging your vows surrounded by the white sands and turquoise waters and later dancing the night away under the Caribbean stars with plentiful mescal. It sounds like a fairy tale right? But it is not. Here’s some Tulum tips for your inspiration.


Trends for weddings that happen in Tulum
  •  Couple Marrying On Beach

    Beach wedding at Be Tulum


    When you think about elegance and style, ‘Be Tulum’ comes to mind. It is one of the most gorgeous hotels in Tulum. With a stylish set and a big roof deck, this is the perfect place to throw an incredible wedding reception. After exchanging your vows, you can enjoy a cocktail on the beach with your toes in the sand. The evening sunset gives you the ideal ambience to slip into your swimwear and enjoy the cool waters of the night. Nothing sounds better than starting your honeymoon stargazing on the beach and swimming together.

  • Going traditional with your wedding venue

  • If you enjoy traditional and historic structures, then the Casa Violeta presents itself as the ideal wedding getaway. The Casa has a collection of traditional thatched-roof rooms which are cozy and casual. If you are into traditional Tulum bungalows, then you should definitely have your wedding at the Casa. Picture walking down the aisle in a vintage yet elegant gown surrounded by the rich traditional environment. The Casa is just perfect for you to capture your wedding memories. If you are a party lover, then Casa Violeta provides an easy beach party destination for your reception or evening party. Beach travel has never been made as fun as having a party at the Casa Violeta.

  • Luxury on another level

  • Luxury. Elegance. Unique. Beach style. These are words that might describe your ultimate wedding destination. The Sanara Tulum is a luxury eco-friendly boutique hotel. It is a dreamy little villa that would be the perfect place to exchange your vows. Your destination wedding will be made complete with the beautiful restaurant and rooftop terrace where you can have your reception. From the rooftop, you can hear the calm turquoise waters calling out for you. You have no choice but to heed the invitation and go for an evening down by the water. Take a lovers stroll along the beach. Get your toes buried in the sand and make long lasting memories.

    Sanara Hotel Tulum

  • Beach venues

  • Beach weddings are gaining popularity probably because exchanging vows where you can see the waters in the horizon is a calming experience. Beach weddings give you the perfect excuse to take that beach travel expedition you have always been talking about and the opportunity to wear that bikini you’ve been wanting to wear to show off your perfect body shape.

    Papaya Playa Project is one of those beachy venues that you must visit to celebrate you getting hitched. The venue itself has a variety of hangout zones where you can have a welcome party, a late night party, or your reception or the wedding.

    Papaya Playa Project

  • The Caribbean view

  • What is more stunning than having a wedding in the backdrop of the beautiful Caribbean views? You definitely want to have captivating wedding photos that you can adore for the rest of your life. There is few wedding destinations as magnificent as the Dream Resorts in Tulum, Mexico. The grounds are stunning. The view is amazing. The nightlife at the beach is ecstatic. Ideal for you to enjoy your boho look without reservations. If you want a wow factor for your wedding and a place with impeccable service, then this Riviera Maya resort is the right place for you.

    Rivieara Maya

    Just right on the beach!

    Ever wanted to get hitched with your feet deep in the sand, with the sound of the raging waters hitting against the rocks? This is what weddings in Tulum are all about. Ahau Tulum is a thatched roof resort right on the beach. It has that local scene advantage which gives your wedding a whole new experience. Ahau Tulum is a well-guarded Tulum secret because it is simply amazing. You can decide to make your wedding interesting and have your wedding guests enjoy an afternoon swim as the reception rather than having the conventional sit-down receptions. Beach travel has never been as exciting as having a wedding right on the beach at the Ahau Tulum.


    Can you imagine having a wedding surrounded by such rich history, full of swimming holes galore with awesome backdrops of all styles and sizes? Beaches, lagoons, caves, cenotes, wildlife, waterfalls, jungles, bikinis, swimwear.. You have an array of exclusive white sand beach resorts including private villas and all-inclusive hotels to have your ultimate gorgeous destination wedding.

    If you’ve been thinking about having a beach wedding in location that has endless options, then look in to Tulum. It may be the perfect place to make that lifelong bond and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

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