Best Looks For Easter 2019

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Our Top 3 Easter Outfits


Spring and Easter go together like bright colors and blooming flowers. We start to feel the sun warming up the day, and before you know it, the family is gathered around an Easter dinner enjoying the season together.

Now a lot of families have their traditions, but when it comes to celebrating most people think of food and activities. At to tulum, we realize there are a lot of resources to find the perfect meal, but we wanted to step outside in the sunshine this year with a list that will help you look and feel your best when it comes to having fun with the family.

1. For Moms

Women's Overalls

When it comes to dressing for the occasion, moms have to walk the tightrope on style and comfort. There may even be an extra category of called 'improv athleticism' which is best tested during activities like an Easter egg hunt or water balloon toss. But all of that is possible with the right pair of women's overalls. If you don’t have a pair of these in your closet, you're doing spring an injustice. It’s a classic for a reason.

Our pick for the action packed weekend is none other than the timeless, earthy, and durable contenta overalls. They exude what a spring afternoon is all about and tell everyone you’re ready for Easter activities, and whatever new event is waiting ahead.

2. For Celebrations

Women's Easter Outfits

Easter Sunday is on April 21st this year which means it’s time to check the wardrobe and see what fashion fits the formal and fun feeling of the day. Many people may go to church, while others spend the time enjoying family or celebrating in their own way. Regardless of how you chose to make the most of Easter, you’ll want to be wearing your perfect outfit.

Classy, seasonal, and confident are all bundled together in the sonrisa jumpsuit. An all around masterpiece that is sleek and comfortable. Jumpsuits inspire confidence and are a simple yet elegant take on the perfect Easter look.

3. For Everything

Our first two topics were all about the perfect outfit for the right situation. But sometimes, you just want something that suits the feeling of the day. Let's say you started off with an elegrant jumpsuit, and now you’re ready to relax a bit in the sun. Rompers are the answer.

A stylish all purpose romper will be your best friend and help you make the most of your Easter weekend. Lounge out in the shade in a food coma after a family feast or try to keep up with the family in the all too competitive activities of the day.

No matter how you celebrate the Easter holiday or spring season, be sure to have an amazing time with the people around you and be sure to share the feeling of a bright new experience together.

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