Glamping in Paradise

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So you have decided to go glamping in Tulum. You will find that there are so many choices ---- from actual campsites on the beach to five-star resorts, that you can truly find whatever experience you want.

If you want to start at the beginning, begin with a traditional Mayan hut. It will be made of native palm trees, other woods, and stones formed in a circle with a thatched roof. You will be staying directly in touch with the jungle all around you—nothing between you and mother nature in all her jungle glory. There are no beds in this style – only two hammocks. When you awaken from your best-ever night’s sleep, you can spend your day hiking in the jungle to see amazing flowers blooming everywhere and lizards under your feet. After your day, you can return to an authentic fire pit near your tent to relax before heading back to your hammock gently swinging on the ocean breeze.

Moving up on the experience ladder, GlampingHub lists amazing eco-friendly bell tents on an organic farm near Tulum. Stunning in appearance, bell tents come equipped with a queen size bed, linens, and purified water for drinking. The walls of the circle-shaped tent are huge screens to let you enjoy the fresh sweet jungle air. When you get hungry, wander over to the organic restaurant on the property. All the food served in the restaurant has been raised organically on this farm.

Or at Kambulum Nature Eco-villas, you can stay in a little white hut, sitting atop an adobe base, with tiny windows carved into the side- circles, stars and fish. At the top you see a thatched, hat-shaped roof. It couldn’t be more charming. This same hut offers a picnic area nearby and an outdoor pool with bar.

If you fell in love with the history of the area, you could check out accommodations at Habitas Tulum. While staying in their tents with the “back to nature” vibe, you can build on the history theme by being only 2 miles away from the Tulum Archaeological Site and 1300 feet from Parque Nacional Tulum.

Guest rooms at Habitas Tulum are large tents, beautifully appointed, built with an outside wooden frame covered by a thatched roof. Your outdoor shower looks straight up into the sky. Being inside a tent makes you feel close to nature, yet you have free wi-fi, and an on-site a restaurant.

When you want to have a little more contact with humans, check out Harmony Glamping in Tulum. With so many different options, you are sure to find just the right degree of human interaction. You can get a private room with 1 bed for only $30 a night, sometimes with same day availability if you eloped.

Or, you can stay in nature while still having all the amenities you need. Be Tulum not only has its infamously decadent cabana rooms, but it’s all built into the edge of the jungle. Trees butt up against the floor at the bar, are inches away from the lap pool, and grow up through the decking near the swimming pools. Your bar table might have a palm branch above you. Nearby, you can go fishing, swim with dolphins, or go snorkeling. The rooms themselves are hardscape – tile walls, walls of windows, rock walls, ceramic floors, wooden floors. Most rooms come with private beach access and king size beds. All kinds of spa services are available on property and your massage therapist will speak English. Your every wish will be fulfilled.

From each end of the spectrum, you can find options that best suit your desires and your budget- you can decide if you want more “glam” or more “camping.” In either case, it will be perfect because you’ll be in Tulum.

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