Stunning Crochet Swimsuits of Tulum, Mexico

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Tulum swimwear is all about what suits you

Crochet Bikini 

The true style of Tulum swimwear is hard to capture. To start, it’s all about expressing the feel of living in Tulum and extending good vibes into a swimsuit that fits your personality. Some people prefer to stay for the nightlife, while others soak up the waves on the shore. But regardless of how you spend your days and nights, you should be prepared to take on the sand in style. There is so much to talk about when it comes to Tulum fashion, but we wanted to focus on just the utmost essentials for the sunny side of your trip.

Let’s jump in and have a deeper look at some of the best one pieces for looking good and enjoying the waves.

Crochet Bikinis - Unique and Sexy

Crochet Swimwear 

The crochet bikini is both sexy and classy. With all of the appeal of a perfectly laced design, this summer style is perfect for taking on your next vacation to Tulum. Cozy up near a tiki hut or set yourself beneath the umbrella shade, and look amazing doing it. If you love the freedom of classic bikini looks without a little bit of shimmer, then a creative crochet fabric crafted with tassels is the way to go.

Crochet One Piece - Naturally Eye-Catching

Crochet One Piece

Crochet swimwear and women's clothing has taken on the spotlight. From center stage at New York Fashion Week to the beaches of Tulum. The new craze has created a new way to look at customized swimsuits. The new crochet bikini is where style meets design. Crochet one pieces are form fitting with thicker woven fibers that are durable and visually stunning.  

Living in Tulum

Living in Tulum

At, you’ll find swimwear of all kinds from one pieces to sexy bottoms and attractive two piece bikinis. If you’re in the mood for trying on the latest new craze in beach bikini fashion, then crochet your way the beach side and find a knitted swimsuit that you’ll love.

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