Spring Fashion Tips and Essentials

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Spring Fashion At Last!

Spring has finally arrived! Which means it's time to do away with heavy sweaters and tights and soak up some long overdue sunshine. But after months of keeping your spring dress in hibernation, you may wonder what the latest looks are for 2019. Well we've got you covered, here is our list of the current trends in tops, dresses and more to keep you warm and stylish this spring. 

Beach Dress

  • The tube top bikini

  • The 2001 classic tube top is back. This midriff-skimming and tight-to-the-torso silhouette is showing off again. It has joined nostalgia-fueled bags and Bermuda shorts on the lists of items to get for spring. Interestingly, the current tube top has a slight variation of the original design. For starters, the styles are pared-back with slight ruching and details like tie fronts or allover stripes.

    Tube tops are on a mission to win back your heart, mind and closet this spring. With the exciting fresh takes available, you are set for an incredible first day of spring.

  • Cold shoulder tops

  • Cold shoulder tops never seem to go out of fashion. On the contrary, there are new and fresh designs every year. They flatter your shoulders and give subtle tease of your amazing arms. There are different styles that have been incorporated into the cold shoulder top to make sure that you have a completely unique look for the first day of spring. Consider the different color shades that are now available. From animal print, embellished cutout tops to rhinestone cold shoulder tops. Your closet cannot miss a number of cold shoulder tops for this spring.

  • The V-neck 

  • V-necks are a must have for your spring’s closet. They fit in with any kind of look. You can wear them with a pair of ripped jeans when you want to spend time walking on the beach or double down with a professional look when it’s time for a beach side conference call.

     V neck Dress

    The flexibility of the V-neck for different looks is what makes it amazing. It is a simple yet completely unique look. Available in different colors, the V-neck dress can be worn for countless occasions including beach travel. If you’re looking for something classic and elegant for your first day of spring, then look no further.

  • Floral dresses

  • Spring shouts pop, color and flowers. There is no better way to incorporate all these into your look than adorning a floral dress. Floral dresses have that ‘cute’ look but are still very classy. Good thing with floral dresses is that you can wear them to the beach and carry them along for your beach travel. You can go wild with the floral details on the dresses by trying different color combinations which may be unconventional. The incredible design variations of today’s floral dresses are such that you have no excuse of not having them in your spring closet.

  • Denim mini dresses

  • Denim is an all-year round staple. When its winter time, it can be worn layered with a turtleneck and tights. When its spring time, just shed off these extra pieces and simply wear it with wrap sandals. You can easily do a denim mini dress for a day at the beach.

  • Slip dresses

  • There is literally no occasion where a slip dress is not appropriate. Think of the spring birthday parties, Sunday brunches or weddings. You can rock a slip dress with a pair of heels for that ultimate exquisite wedding look. The dress is sultry without a doubt but it is not scandalous. The slip dress drapes over your body in the most luxurious way possible. 

  • Maxi dresses

  • Maxis have been here year in and year out. One spring season after another, people will be seen in maxi dresses. May be it’s because of the comfort they give or because they are simple yet fashionable. Maxi dresses are low maintenance looks. You just need to slip in on and you’re good to go. You don’t really need to go all out in styling. With a pair of sandals, a maxi dress is a comfortable look for beach travel or a festival at the beach. You could easily wear your bikini with your maxi dress and have a good time at the beach. It’s a timeless look that will never seem to go out of fashion.

    Sanara Maxi

  • Shirt dresses

  • Spring is time to flaunt those incredible legs and nothing does that as well as the stylish, warm and affordable shirt dress. Shirt dresses are casual enough for everyday wear. There are so many available designs for you to try on like the corduroy shirt dress. When it is spring time, trade in your blue skinny jeans for some corduroy shirt dresses. You can pair them up with backless mule flats. Good thing about shirt dresses is that they can be worn as beachwear or for a Sunday brunch. You have a variety of occasions where you can wear a shirt dress.

    Shirt Dress

  • Rompers

  • We cannot talk about spring without talking about the classic romper. Rompers give you the chic and fashionable vibe. Rompers are an exciting look for a day at the beach or at a festival. From lace to chiffon, rompers come in exciting designs and colors ideal for spring.

    Spring colors

    Chic colors

    The best colors for spring must be the ‘chic’ colors like mustard yellow, lavender, the sage green, beiges and nudes. These are cool yet unique colors that look amazing for spring time. Other colors to try are the rusty rose, fuchsia and toned blue.

    Bright colors

    Sprung shouts color and nothing screams color than bright colors like the oranges, reds, yellows and whites.


    Floral dresses and tops are a closet necessity for spring. They are stylish and great for a spring look.

    Spring is time to look fashionable and stylish. In order to do so, your closet must feature these trending tops and dresses.

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