SXSW After Parties and Hidden Venues

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Your ticket is booked, schedule lined up, and you’re ready to take on South by Southwest 2019!

You may have the day all planned out, but where should you turn when it comes to the after party? No need to worry about which is the best bar in Austin or which lobby has the hottest nightlife, we’ve done the legwork for you.

Check out our top picks for happening hotels, film venues, and all around exclusive entertainment spots.

Chances are you have already reserved a room, but be sure to expand your horizons in a new bar or lounge located in Austin’s top hotels.

Hotels You Don’t Want to Miss

Why not get familiar with downtown at the Omni downtown located at 700 San Jacinto Blvd. This is the location for two main events - the SXSW Startup Crawl and the SXSW Hackathon Presentations and Awards. The Startup Crawl is the best way to meet your fellow Austin explorers, and get familiar with the surrounding area. A shuttle will take you from stop to stop where you can grab a free drink and socialize with other fun loving festival goers. As for inside the hotel, the Atrium Lounge is one of the best places to network with like minded professionals, and the Omni is our pick for some of the best gourmet Southwestern cuisine Austin has to offer.

After taking in all of the wonders of downtown, you’ll also want to see what’s happening at places that keep a lower profile. If you’re looking for an antiquated earthy spot to relax, check out the Hotel San Jóse. It’s surrounded in ivy that makes a latticework over old brick walls. With Spanish tile roofs, you’ll be taken back to historical roots and get in touch with a more cultured side of Austin’s past. Here you’ll also get your taste of exquisite dining, live music and vintage shopping.

Film Festival Austin Style

For some SXSW attendees, it’s all about the films. We were hard pressed to find film venues that didn’t in some way relate to the event, so we did you one better, made sure your screenplay selection is filled with the some of the best locations on the SXSW schedule.

If you’ve glanced at the venue list, there’s a good chance you saw the Paramount Theatre. Located at 713 Congress Avenue, this theater is a classic in the film industry. Built in 1915, it’s the largest on the list and has a majestic nostalgic charm that makes you feel like you’re being brought back to golden era of movie classics.

Next up is the Zach Theatre. Jump on the shuttle to make your way to this upbeat modern facility to check out Red Carpets screenings. It’s located just up the road from the Lamar and Rollins Theater, so you can be sure to stay close to all the film action.

The Atom is in heart of the festival. Located inside the Austin Convention Center, it’s one of the best spots to convene for a new film, then head out to local bars and restaurants after. Stop in to see the screening list for all of the upcoming films, and learn about the people that made it all happen.

Bonus SXSW Secret Spots

The Javelina is your stop for eclectic music. From electronic and pop to Latin and rock, some of the best low key musicians are coming here. Tatiana Hazel will be taking the stage on March 13, followed by Reyna Tropical and Hijos to who will perform Pop, Latin Urban, and Rock music throughout the evening. This is not your large scale venue, so be sure to get there early to get a good seat.

Maggie Mae’s Rooftop is as novel as it sounds. This one will help you get your taste of international jams. With Charlotte OC coming in from England, Das Body from Norway and Geowulf from across the Pacific in Australia, these bands will be showcasing their home spirit. There’s much more where this came from so be sure to look up the concert listing and see which worldly musician best suits your vibe.

With all this activity at SXSW, it’s going to be hard deciding on where to go next, but when it comes to hotels, films, and music hot spots, be sure to network your way over to our top picks for a memorable time.

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