The 7 Hottest Swimsuits For Beach Travelers

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Top 7 swimsuits for your next beach vacation

 1. The fun-loving Tiki Bikini

It’s time to tiki! And nothing says it better than a bikini to suit the occasion. Play the part of holiday traveler and festive beach goer with the charming tiki bikini. Tied up with a bow in the middle, and floral leaf pattern, you’ll feel like spring just delivered a present. Pairs perfectly with a daiquiri or a colada out of a coconut. Put on a good time and be ready to make some new friends with the always cheerful look of tiki fun.

2. The tropical La Selva Bikini

Take a trip to the jungle with my personal favorite one-piece La Selva. Guaranteed to stun with an artistic and colorful palm leaf pattern on a clean white underlay. This swimsuit has it all, a tasteful deep V design that contours naturally. And when it comes to support and style, the double diagonal straps along the back complete the look. Show off gracefulness and pristine form with a humble suggestion of sensual flair.

3. The classy Canek Crochet Bikini

Take your tube top to the next level. The canek crochet bikini is our pick for the lounge or beach club. This swimsuit unites glamorous and alluring. The seductive bottom balances modern cute and formal. The extra appeal of this two-piece is the flirtatious tassels that catch the eye and attention of other beach loungers. Get second glances with the woven lace design and hand knitted cotton accents. Choose between three different colors and patterns to call it your own.

4. The tasteful Caqui Bikini

If you’re looking for a classic and uplifting feel then the caqui bikini is where it’s at. The vibrant border spruces up the feel of this tasteful traditional swimwear that is suited for all occasions. You’ll have the confidence to take on the waves with the contemporary yet retro design. It takes you away from the stresses of the day and is an excellent choice if you want clean straightforward style.

5. The relaxing Amansala Bikini

The Amansala swimsuit was named with relaxation in mind. The Amansala Resort in Tulum is a world renowned escape where you can focus unwinding your busy thoughts and nurturing your body. From yoga on the beach to healthy delicious meals, it caters to bringing out the calmness of easy living. And to fully prepare for the experience, we have captured elegance and luxury in the classy Amansala bikini. Minimalist lace paired with bold colors combine to help you focus on your inner self.

6. The sleek Cheuron Bikini

I can’t get enough of this one. The cheuron bikini is all about sleek smooth fashion. It focuses on clear comfortable design and leaves room for extra style. An active swimsuit that looks great and feels better. The thin top straps adjust to fit perfectly, and leave the backside open to get the full feeling of the sunshine. Excellent for working on your tan, swimming, or reading that book that’s been waiting for just the right hammock to enjoy.

7. The vibrant Palmas String Bikini 

The palmas string bikini is the essence of a beach vacation. Colorful palm leaves shining against a white background. It’s a picture of perfection with more. The twisted straps add that extra wink of thrill. Dress up with a two piece that can’t do wrong. If you’re wearing this, you are already on vacation. The palmas bikini, is nothing short of a good time.

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