Top 10 Things We Learned from New York Fashion Week

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New York Fashion Week is an international event where you can learn about the latest styles from the world’s best designers. All of the best tailors and experts gather to showcase their idea of new fashions that reflect modern views and their own brilliant vision. With the spectacular range of ideas flowing through one place, it’s important to look back on the best styles and finds which we can add to our wardrobe for the year.

1: Pave the runway with yellow and gold.

 Carolina Herrera Yellow Dress

Traditionally, bright colors are made to show energy and add lightness to the air. But during this year’s walk down the runway, we saw yellows, golds, and all the shades in between, shine their way to a formal resilience. This dress by Carolina Herrera shows how radiant colors can bring out the best in your spring  wardrobe. The gold lenses of our espejo aviator sunglasses will bring this sun-loving trend to you.

2. Expand the color spectrum.

 Ulla Johnson Goldenrod

Other hues had their day in the sun with shades of goldenrod, and hunyadi yellow, stealing the show when it came to Ulla Johnson showcasing a warmer look. Our eterno dress comes in a wide range of palette-expanding colors for your wardrobe.

3: Keep it simple.


Smooth, sheek, minimalist. These words describe a clean simple dress that stands out simply because if its lack of excess adornment or flowery additives. Here we see Marc Jacobs take on the cool green full length. to tulum loves simplicity with our la bella jumpsuit being a prime example.

4. Shoulders are a sexy formal.


Show off some shoulder to bring wandering eyes to attention and add some loose long sleeves to refine the look. This dress by Dion Lee reminds us of the tranquilo off-shoulder-top, sporting confidence and femininity all at once.


5. Business travel has a whole new meaning.

Nanushka finds the perfect balance between business and vacationer. Next time someone asks if you are traveling for work or pleasure, say both. This blouse, skirt and bathing suit top combo pairs well with a tote or beach bag, and prepares you for the party at the pool after your next conference or seminar.


6. Knits mean casual and comfortable.

Ever feel like there aren’t enough feel good clothes to wear? Well Tory Burch found a solution. A lace dress with a thick scarf to keep you warm and cozy while dark threads convey sharp intention. It also works in any temperature. Layer under it to take on cooler days, or feel the breeze through the elegant stitch work.

7. Textures are your signature touch.

A wise person once proclaimed “I would drape myself in velvet if it were socially acceptable.” Good news, Cushnie has perfected it. More than acceptable, rich color, Japanese-inspired floral designs, and a deep V, tightly contoured velvet suit that presumes class.

8. Top it off with something loose.

Michael Kors Collection brings us to our next two tips by revealing two tops that take the unconventional and do it right. The loose top serves two purposes, it conceals form which causes natural instinct to fill in the gaps, while bringing attention to peripheral extensions. Our fresa beach poncho is the epitome of loose.

9. Pick a side.

Asymmetry is a hard aesthetic to pull off, but this dress says otherwise. It balances the look with by showing opposite strengths from the shoulder to the thigh. One strap and one free shoulder can look and feel right with a confidence in execution.

10. Be courageous.

We finish our list with one of the more prominent pictures and dresses from this year’s New York Fashion week. Marc Jacobs uses fashion as a performance art. His collection reveals a way to mix personal history with visual grandeur. Each dress is a story, and this one tells the tale of juxtaposition, promoting volumes of shimmering floral decadence paired with a skater girl knit cap. Each of us manifest such stories. Wear them proudly.


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