The Top 4 Dresses For Spring 2019

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It’s Time To Pick Your Perfect Spring Dress

     The snow is melting fast and spring is right around the corner. It’s time to say farewell to those bulky winter outfits and embrace the dresses you’ve been waiting for. Warm weather means vibrant colors and beautiful designs that will add a sprinkle of brightness to your closet. Spring dresses come in different styles, prints, and fabrics, so picking the perfect one means finding what’s right for you. We’ve put together our list of the best dresses to wear this season when spring is in the air.

  1. Shirt dress: The perfect combination of two worlds. A form fitting shirt on top, pinched at the waste to form a comfortable light dress. This has classy with attitude written all over it. Bring along your favorite belt or scarf to get the extra spark you’re looking for. The shirt dress is for any occasion, the perfect choice for springtime casual and stylish. Spruce it up with accessories for an extra hint of attitude. We recommend a bracelet and knuckle rings to get the full feel of the sexy combo.

  2. Maxi dress: It's time to welcome a stylish and charming spring dress that’s made for the season. The maxi dress is a taste of sunshine and tropical splendor. A must-have outfit for your next pool party or a walk through the local botanical garden. The full length fits every figure and the design is timeless. Whether you choose a teal on white design or palm leaves on a black background, these dresses can flawlessly fit any personality and occasion. It’s stunning for special events like birthdays or weddings and can be matched with light jewelry and heels or cute sandals to take the look where you want it.

  3. Mini dress: There is no better time to flaunt your mini dress than on a warm spring day. Forever fashionable, it is your ticket to a comfortable head turning good time. They are flexible enough to go with any accessory making your look simple, smart, or stylish. They come in a variety of warm colors which make it the perfect outfit to wear on your next trip to a spring break hot spot.

  4.  Beach robe: Light and sexy. The kohunlich beach robe was designed to highlight your seductive side. With natural patterns on transparent lace, feel free to cover up your swimsuit or wear around your hotel room if you’re feeling spontaneous. Ideal to wear when you’re taking a trip to the beach or if you want to have something extra as you’re soaking in the sun at the pool. This robe is a multi-tasker and doubles as an impeccable nightdress. Made of smooth cotton, it’s soft on the skin.


Spring is a beautiful season that represents new growth and revival. From bright colors and classy classics, to cute mini dresses, and captivating beach robes, be sure to welcome in the season with the perfect dress.

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