The Top 5 Cenotes To Add To Your Bucket List

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Finding the World's Best Cenotes

Since they are deep in the jungle and require an all-terrain vehicle to reach, some of these natural wonders are a little tricky to locate. Taking a guided tour, where transportation and activities are included is the best option. This old network of underground rivers has always been sacrosanct and to be able to penetrate their stunning depths with a flashlight and scuba gear, or just with your body, is a great honor. It's almost impossible to describe its beauty in words, and you will want to return to Tulum just to continue exploring more of these beautiful sights.

Cenote Dos Ojos, near Tulum

Dos Ojos means ‘two eyes' and refers to this cenote’s two pools of water: the first blue and clear, the second dark and cavernous. Both pools are nice for a swim, but the darker of the two pools gets the most attention for its light-free snorkeling. Swimming at this cenote can be a little bit cramped with other visitors, but it's thrilling to see beams of light cut through the clear waters below. Travelers describe their experience as memorable, awesome and as the best cenote for snorkeling.

Gran Cenote, Tulum

This cenote is just like a far-away tropical beach in an underground cave. The major attraction here is snorkeling and swimmers come face to face with a rare triad — fish, turtles, and stalagmites. Travelers described the underwater rock formations in the cavern as absolutely mesmerizing and say the experience is absolutely worth it.

Casa Cenote, Tulum

Here divers and snorkelers can be found. Snorkeling here equals a treat, you can see the roots of the mangroves reaching down inside the water and see small fish among the roots in some parts. Travelers described their experience as really cool and unique. They say there's not a lot of marine life but it’s interesting diving in a freshwater cave with lots of mangroves.

Cenote Azul, near Tulum and Playa Del Carmen

Cenote Azul possesses the charm of an old theme park. The clear turquoise water is full of tropical fish and the pool is great for snorkelers and divers. A mini cliff which you can jump off, smaller pools to wade through and a path to stroll along to get a view from all angles are also present. Travelers describe Cenote Azul as having beautiful paths with quite spectacular surroundings.

Cenote Samulá, near Valladolid and Chichén Itzá

There are colored man-made lights that gently pulsate through the enclosed cave in this cenote. Be sure to look up where you'll observe long tree roots crawling through the hole up above. You get to swim with the fish who'll nibble at your feet and watch the bats up above. Travelers often describe this as a fish spa. They describe it as a beautiful place for swimming with its clear and cool pool.

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