The Ultimate Beach Vacation Packing List

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Beach Vacation Time

Beach waves

After the long winter, the lure for a weekend trip in the sun is undeniable. So why fight it, if you’re the spontaneous type, why not hop onto the next plane to a tropical destination brimming with palm trees? The white sandy beaches and the lapping waves of a blue ocean undoubtedly make for the perfect weekend getaway.

What to pack?

Beach Tote

However, before you start relaxing under the sun, there are beach necessities to keep in mind. From packing the appropriate swimwear and beachwear to making sure you’ve got all of the best accessories, you want to be ready. Packing correctly for the beach will help ensure that you can fully enjoy yourself, and feel comfortable basking in the soft sand.

Packing can be annoying, but to take a load of your back, we’ve compiled a beach vacation packing list. With our list, you’ll be done packing in no time and ready to jet off to the nearest tropical resort for a long weekend.

Beachwear Essentials

With the sun shining bright, dressing favorably for the weather conditions can make your trip to a tropical beach way more enjoyable. Below, are a few beachwear essentials that you need to include in your suitcase

Maxi Dresses

Who doesn’t love some comfortable maxi dresses? They are versatile and a staple in nearly every boho outfit. Those that frequently travel to tropical destinations know that this is one item a woman can’t go without.

If the fashion trends floating around on social media platforms are anything to go by, boho-inspired styles are currently trending. Boho dresses are often light, delicate and breathable to accommodate the sunny and humid climate of tropical destinations.

According to, maxi dresses are simply the most stylish and practical item when traveling to the beach. Moreover, they act as the perfect cover-up over your swimwear or bikini. As a rule of thumb, you should carry at least two of these dresses.

Deseo Dress

If you prefer short dresses, why not opt for a deseo dress? It’s both stylish and breathable.


Be sure to pack a few extra bikinis so that you always have a spare when another random swim adventure calls to you. Ensure that the tops and bottoms match or at least coordinate to avoid limiting your choices.


Beachwear is quickly becoming more stylish as it adopts a more boho-like look. From crop tops and bralettes to beach ponchos, you have a variety to choose from. They are not great for the humid weather but are perfect as a cover-up. Moreover, these tops can easily be styled with a short skirt or shorts.


When it comes to bottoms, you can choose to be versatile between your style preferences. You can either pack a pair of shorts, a short/long but light skirt and some breathable pants/slacks. Don’t be afraid to carry one of each, if your luggage has room for extra options.

Other beachwear essentials include:

  •   Beach cover-ups
  •   Beach Robe
  •    A pair of sandals
  •    A hat
  •    Flip flops
  •   Beach towel
  •    A light cardigan
  •    Pajamas
  •   Cute underwear


Accessorizing on the beach is never a bad idea. However, as much as accessories can help augment your beach or boho look, they are quite essential. Be sure to pack the following accessories:

A Beach Shoulder Bag

Every woman needs a shoulder bag that is both practical and stylish. Carry all of your most important treasures like sunscreen and a camera, and look good doing it. Why not dress for the tropical life and keep your sandy accessories in one place.

To get some variety in your style, you can opt for a tote such as the tunkul or canvas tote.

A Beach Backpack

Backpack selections just keep getting better. Over the years they have moved from bulky school pack to adorable and useful accessory. It’s time to sport a fancy, yet feminine backpack that screams beach life. Backpacks are spacious enough to carry everything you need and making sure you’re prepared to travel the day away.

A Pair of Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a given in hot and humid climates, as they help protect the eyes from the sun, and the first thing people tend to see when sneaking a peek at your outfit. For extra protection, you want to purchase high-quality sunglasses that have UV protection and can hold up under beach conditions.

A Handy Headband

The beach, thanks to lapping waves spurred on by constant wind, can be extremely drafty. Needless to say, keeping your hair in place is going to impossible.

Your options are to either you accept that your hair will constantly be in your face or wear a headband. And headbands are by far the much more fashionable way to go.

    Other Must-Pack Essentials

    •    A small portable charger
    •    Waterproof camera
    •    Waterproof speakers
    •    Float straps for your devices
    •    Waterproof phone case

    Preparing and knowing what to pack before your weekend getaway is highly imperative. The above items will help hasten your packing process as well as avoid over packing or leaving out anything you’d miss. Everything from the necessary swimwear to beach cover ups is important to make your vacation fun and relaxing.

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