6 Essential Ways To Accessorize Your Favorite Beach Look

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Whether you have actually made plans to hit the beach in time for spring break or you’re waiting a couple of months til summertime, it’s time to consider that trendy new outfit. Casual beachwear is mostly about comfort and style, but don’t forget that the key to looking glamorous at the beach is accessorizing.

To help you piece together an excellent outfit and bring out the full feel of the sandy shores, we’ve put together a list that covers absolute essentials. Check out how each accessory can take your outfit from boring to vibrant in no time.

(1)   TOTE BAGS: There are lots of fashionable accessories that you can bring along on your day in the sun. And to look good carrying them, tote bags make #1 on our list. With simple but sophisticated designs, tote bags spruce up your style and help you hold onto everything you need. They are handy and flexible for the beach, and best of all, are made for the sand. Take a tote to the pool, hut, or hotel and you can be sure you have everything you need for a day out. Stash a laptop or snag a towel and tanning oil. You’re a tote away from making the most of your beach trip.


(2)   SUN SHADES: Coming in different shapes and colors, the right pair of shades goes a long way to looking and feeling beach ready. Our favorite, the solera and unicos shades. Not only stylish, but also the best choice to protect your eyes from the vibrant sunshine. Catch the reflection of the scene with the color changing mirror look, and see the sunset through a whole new view.  


(3)   BACKPACKS: A backpack takes that extra step towards practical fashion. Strap up with dashing backpacks of various sizes that suit you and the occasion. Pack in your towel, sunglasses, water, or headband and be ready to take on the waves. Backpacks are great if you’re on the go and want to be sure everything you need for a good time is secure and ready for the next stop. Also, if you love taking pictures, the xcalak and encantada backpacks are perfect to put your camera in to capture some splendid outdoor photography.

(4)   SHOULDER BAGS: This cute container is durable and adorable. Our pick, the Akalan shoulder bag. It comes in a variety of colorful fabrics that keep it looking chic. And the compact size is perfect to take anywhere. With a click to lock in your phone or wallet, it secures your gear and can be carried with the ease of a sleek shoulder strap.

(5)   AVIATORS: With so many designs out there, an original pair of aviators still holds its own. This classic aviator has its frames stronger than ever and can withstand knocks, sand, and adventure. What’s more, it fits with basically any style of dress or beach outfit that you’ll wear.

(6)   HEADBAND: Hair accessories are a must. Pop on your trendy and stylish jungla headband while your hair is tied up or laying down. This headband will not only make you look fabulous at the beach, but it is also one of the best ways to maintain it in the salty breeze. 

And remember, enjoying your next beach trip or sandy escape is all about having a good time. Enjoy it by gearing up with all the right accessories. Rejuvenate your mind and be certain that you’re looking good from headbands to totes.

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