Top Three Hidden Beaches To Visit This Summer

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Best 3 Off-the-Beaten-Path Beaches for Your Summer Plans

Hidden Beaches

It’s hard to say goodbye to spring with all its glorious crescendo of bird songs, long days, bumblebees, butterflies and flowers bursting into colorful life. But it’s time to break out those Tulum swimsuits and put them to work because summer is here! This is the ideal season to enjoy the best that nature has to offer and there really is no better feeling than soaking up the rays and basking in its warmth while listening to the waves at the beach. So, ditch the layers of clothes you’ve been dragging along because summer is all about flip flops, crochet bikinis, gorgeous maxi dresses. 

Are you wondering where to head to find your next summer beach escape? The US has a lot of breathtaking hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path beaches that you may not be aware of. Which means it’s time to kickstart your summer wanderlust experience and pinpoint the best lesser  known hotspots where the sun is bright and the daiquiris are plentiful. These semi-secluded beaches promise more adventure and escapades aplenty to keep you coming back for more.

If you love hiking, diving, snorkeling, and caving, then you are in for a treat. Here are three of the best off-the-beaten-path beaches to keep you off the grid and in the sand throughout the summer.

The Sandbridge Beach, near Virginia Beach, VA

Sandbridge Beach

If you are an avid beach goer, you may be aware of Virginia Beach, which is a popular summertime destination with miles of public beach and a busy 40-block boardwalk that has an oceanfront park and an old-fashioned fishing pier. What you may not be familiar with is what’s located 15 miles to the south of the resort area - Sandbridge Beach. Not only is it nicely hidden away from the Virginia Beach crowds it also features pristine dunes, marshes, and the open waters of Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

The best ways to explore Sandbridge and the neighboring wildlife refuge is by biking to check out the native plants and animals. You can also spend the day picnicking, kayaking, and hiking through False Cape State Park. If you are visiting Virginia for the first time, you may want to consider renting a beach house or condo that allows easy access to the water as you won’t find large resorts or hotels in Sandbridge because such properties are located north of the beach.

Hammocks Beach State Park, North Carolina

Hammocks Beach

If you like the idea of being in secluded surroundings, immaculate landscapes and breathtaking views, then a trip to Hammocks Beach State Park is just what you need. This 3-mile long park of undeveloped barrier island is a crown jewel of the North Carolina coast that boasts massive dunes and a vast ocean that is only interrupted by modest campsites and picnic areas. You can access Hammocks Beach State Park by paddling a canoe or kayak or by taking the park’s passenger ferry or private ferry to explore paddling trails leading to marshes, unspoiled maritime forest of Bear or Huggins Island.

Hammock Beach is secluded and tranquil, making it one of the best unspoiled beaches on the Atlantic coast where you can stroll around with laughing gulls, sandpipers, or even discover a small specimens of marine life in tidal pools and mudflats. Just don’t forget to bring your camera with you so you can take pictures of the green and gold grass that covers the salt marshes. Come nightfall, try hiding in a haven of one of their famous sand dunes.

Navarre Beach, Florida

Navarre Beach

It has been named Florida’s most relaxing and beautiful beach due to its laid-back atmosphere, lack of traffic, and up to 12 miles of fine white powdery sand, high rise condos and plenty of activities to do. There are many parts of these private beach oasis to explore that are untouched. As for activities, we recommend casually canoeing down a shallow spring-fed river called Coldwater Creek that snakes through a state forest. You can also get bikes or scooters to explore the islands’ gorgeous scenery and maybe spot a few turtles or birds along the way. 

What to wear

Whether you will be splashing around in the waves, exploring the beach trails, or sipping cocktails while reading a good book, be sure to look good doing it with a swimsuit that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Crochet bikinis are all the rage right now and would be best suited for a day at Hammocks Beach State Park. If you are planning on dining at a nearby restaurant during your visit to Navarre Beach in Florida, how about wearing a one-piece swimsuit with an elegant maxi top. 

Crochet One Piece Swimsuit

One-piece swimsuits also pair well with either a polished denim skirt and high-waisted shorts. But if you are looking for clothing that’s easy to change in and out of, how about loose, breathable, lightweight and sophisticated long dresses including comfortable slide-on sandals that come particularly handy for those fancy dinners at local seafood restaurants.

A day at the Sandbridge Beach won’t be complete without wearing a cute Tulum bikini paired with a sarong and chunky accessories for a more casual edge. If you plan on exploring the surrounding area but are worried about getting sunburnt, how about a long top to wear over your bikini.

The beach makes the perfect backdrop for swimwear photos, so for your next off-the-beaten-path beach vacation make sure that you pack resort wear, loose tops for exploring and a few swimsuits for the beach explorations. Be sure to have a great time at your hidden beach escapes this summer. 

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