Top 5 Tropical Recipes From Tulum

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Top 5 Tropical Recipes To Try This Month

From the mesmerizing sound of the lapping waves to the awe-inspiring white beaches of Tulum, Mexico, the beach life is a dream come true. Some are lucky enough to live near swaying palm trees that constantly fringe the beach, but others only get to enjoy tropical food while on vacation. Whichever the case, your favorite culinary escape can be delicious and help you look amazing in your new crochet swimwear.

We’re covering the top five tropical recipes that you need to have in your home cookbook for those sunny summer cookouts. It goes without saying that Tulum’s tropical foods treat your taste buds to an array of flavors. But not only are they delicious, they can also be extremely healthy. From sweet and tangy to cold and spicy, you’ll find the right dish to suit your mood. Whether you’re a fan of tomato and mango salad or coconut pavlovas dressed with fruit, there’s a lot to choose from when picking the best feel good foods in Tulum.

A Taste of Tulum

Tulum Fruits

The recipes listed here can be for locals seeking to spruce up their diet, or for tourists looking for the entire tropical experience. Sure, donning the perfect one piece swimsuit or maxi dress to cover up your crochet bikini will have you looking the part. Yet, without having sampled the delicacies that your tropical resort has to offer, you’ll end up feeling shortchanged.

The below-mentioned recipes are undoubtedly Mexican and Caribbean inspired and are the key to a perfect tropical experience. So while prancing around on the white sandy beach in your swimwear, be sure to try them.

Without further ado, below are some of the top tropical recipes that everyone ought to try this month.

Tropical Shrimp Lettuce Wraps

Shrimp lettuce wrap

If you’re near a beach or looking to bring some paradise vibes within the confines of your home, you won't want to overlook this recipe. Tropical Shrimp Lettuce Wraps are healthy and crammed with nutritious benefits, catering to the health-conscious.

Featuring a combination of colorful fruits such as avocado and mango, the shrimp adds some much-needed protein. Vegetables such as carrots and onions are flavored with a mouth-watering honey-lime soyaki sauce. All the nutritional goodness is all wrapped up in lettuce to almost resemble a taco creation.

Needless to say, the flavor of this crunchy snack is undeniably tropical.

Tulum Style Mexican Ceviche

Mexican Ceviche

Mexican Ceviche is a classic mix of everything wonderful in the world of Caribbean cuisine. Combining healthy lipids from avocados and showcasing fresh shrimp as a lean protein, you’ll have all the essential nutrients to stay energetic through the day. This one goes beyond healthy and makes our number two spot because of the incredible balance of taste. Cilantro, chili, onion, and lime juice give it the zing of a cool wave crashing at your feet. You’ll want to make seconds of the ceviche because it has a tendency to go quick especially when accompanied by fresh tortilla chips helping add an extra crisp to a Caribbean classic.

Mexican Seafood Kabobs

Mexican Seafood Kabob

This Tulum inspired recipe is a crowd favorite. It’s especially a treat for those that already love and enjoy kabobs. The spices and seafood involved in this recipe make it the stuff of tropical legends. With only a handful of red peppers, optional pineapple, pomegranate molasses and onions, you’re well on your way to a complete Mexican seafood kabob recipe.  This summertime recipe can top a dish of fresh tilapia or mahi-mahi to give your fish dinner the Tulum vacation it needs.

It only takes a few minutes to put together and prepare. However, numerous tropical restaurants are known to serve it, since it’s a city favorite.

Tilapia Mango Salsa

Tilapia Mango Salsa

Admittedly, at first glance, this recipe combination may sound and look simple. Yet, the aroma alone reminds you of all the complex taste notes complementing one another in balanced tropical harmony.

Featuring a generous amount of diced mango mixed with cilantro, bell pepper, and black beans, the dish is often served over rice. The dash of lime sprinkled over the tropical dish augments the taste by adding a tangy rich flavor.

This dish is a great option for those looking for a quick, healthy and amazing tasting snack. It’s light and mouthwatering.  

Papaya Lentil Salad

Papaya lentil salad

Regardless of the tropical beach you are on or planning to travel to, you’re likely to come across dishes featuring papaya.  Whether you’re sampling the many delicacies of the Caribbean or giving Tulum food a chance, this fruit is a naturally grown staple of the region. Needless to say, it’s among the many favorite cuisines among the locals and tourists.

Often eaten as an appetizer, it features lentil, lime, hone, onions, lentils, carrots and more. Of course, the generous amount of vinaigrette glaze boosts its mouthwatering taste and flavor.

There’s no denying that tropical dishes are unique. They feature a combination of some of the best creations from top Tulum restaurants and chefs and make for an unforgettable experience.

Go ahead, give the above recipes a try and let us know what you think!

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