Women’s Aviators - A Timeless Look

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Women's Aviators Are Historically Stylish

It’s no wonder that aviator sunglasses have made their way through the generations as one of the top beach accessories of all time. Their origin story is to thank for their impeccable design and iconic look. 

Where It All Started

Flying Aviators

Back in the 1930’s, aviators were worn by pilots who required extra eye protection and sun resistance when flying. They had to overcome powerful UV rays while combating chilling temperatures as low as -70 degrees at high altitudes. The function over the years turned from frost resistance to shoreline style. It has landed on beaches worldwide and is synonymous with good vibes across beaches everywhere. 

Women’s Aviators Sunglasses Styles

Times have changed since the early days of pilots taking first flights, and aviators have become a trademark of unisex beachwear and style. From reflective rose red to stunning silver, these shades come in all kinds of colors and shimmering surfaces to help you personalize your look. 

Keep Your Eyes Save With UV Protection

UV Protection

The wide lens shape helps cover all sides of the eye to save your skin from getting too much sun. Be sure to wear your aviators while laying down tanning or even walking along the shore. UV rays can reflect off the water or shine bright on lighter spots of sand, so you’ll want to have 100% UV protection of both UVA and UVB light. This is also called UV 400 protection.

How To Shop For Your Shades

Pink Reflective Aviators

Women’s aviators come in many different frame materials, styles, and lens colors. There are plenty in the market today to pick from so you find one that can perfectly compliment your beachwear. They should have polarized lenses that help block horizontal oriented light so glare is almost eliminated. When shopping for your stunning sunglasses you'll want to make sure your shades are:

  • Comfortable to wear and help you see clearly
  • Heighten colors and shades
  • Provide protection from the elements
  • Reduce glare especially over waters

A perfect pair of sunglasses should complement your natural complexion and the shape of your head and jawline. 

Beach Aviators Small and Snug

Try on different pairs to check if the frames are snug and form fitting but not too tight. You’ll want them to rest on top of your head comfortably. 

To test the quality, take a look at the hinge. If it snaps snugly into place and feels durable, then you’re in good shape.

Enjoy the classic look of your new aviators and stay stunning with timeless style. 

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